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About Us

Cushion Employer Services Corporation (Cushion) is a human resources management company founded in 1996, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Cushion’s purposes were to maximize human capital and reduce organizational expenses. To fully realize these goals in early 2002 we acquired an employee benefits management firm and an employee benefits design company.

Our philosophy and practice at Cushion is to learn clients’ organizational objectives and be a strategic partner in assisting with achieving those goals. We have consulting and practical experience with clients from various industries involving an assortment of human resource services related issues and implementing successful solutions to help achieve their organizational objectives and needs. We deliver a wide scope of human resources, benefit and training management services utilizing the diverse experience of our team, relationships and technology.

Cushion has a dedicated and experienced staff that is readily accessible to help ensure our clients’ goals and needs are achieved. Our senior management team is heavily involved with the fulfillment and delivery of the services provided.

We have a well-developed knowledge base, a wealth of human resource and employee benefits management practical and consulting experience; a dedicated team of professionals; a commitment to exceptional customer and value added services which all combine to make Cushion well qualified, tested and prepared to provide cost effective, effective human resources management solutions.