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Benefit Programs Management

Cushion provides full service Consulting, Outsourcing, Designing, Management and Administration of employee benefit programs for both fully insured and self-funded plans. We use relationships, technology and constant research to monitor benefit and regulatory changes to ensure our clients receive the best and most cost-effective plans offered.

Design, Manage and Administer Employee Benefit Programs

Cushion provides and delivers a wide scope of benefit management services utilizing the diverse experience of our team, which includes licensed benefit program advisers and human resources management professionals.

We assist clients with employee benefit programs design, marketing and plan selection. Cushion partners with key personnel to ensure we meet the organizations objectives and budgetary constraints. We use tools such as focus groups and benefit satisfaction surveys to make certain clients are provided the best health and welfare plans to meet their organizational needs.

In addition, we manage and administer benefit programs (i.e. employee orientation, enrollment, manage employee changes, invoice reconciliation, customer service, communication, COBRA administration and education, etc.). Our subject matter experts attentively monitor the services contracted to clients by insurance carriers to ensure benefits are being delivered as promised and in the most cost effective manner.