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HR Process Outsourcing

Cushion provides human resources outsourcing solutions that are customized to an organization’s unique needs. We identify costs drivers, disparities and trends internal to organizations and streamline human resource processes saving valuable time and resources.

COBRA Administration

Cushion’s comprehensive compliance and administration solutions are designed to reduce clients’ administrative burdens, maintain adjudicative consistency and decrease risk due to compliance and legal issues.

State Unemployment Insurance Administration

Our approach to controlling unemployment compensation costs is through the prudent management of claims, benefit charges, staff training and proper documentation. Cushion’s commitment is to reduce unemployment compensation cost to its lowest possible level and stay in compliance with ever changing regulations.

Online Exit Interviews and Surveys

Cushion conducts in-depth exit interviews online in a survey format or telephonically utilizing HR professionals. Our reporting system delivers data results instantly and may be viewed as a text or graph report. We offer comprehensive survey services in many industries education, industrial, service-related, healthcare, retail, government and non-profit environments.

Online HR Verifications

Cushion’s automated service saves an employer administrative cost for handling income and employment verifications and ensures that Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant information is delivered to the requester. Authorized inquirers obtain accurate information regarding an employee’s employment history, status or income. Our automated, compliant, web-based platform is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.