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Human Resources Management

Cushion’s human resources management services allow organizations to maximize resources and human capital. We assist with ensuring that human resources management functions are in compliance with applicable laws, increase employee performance and help reduce expenses.

HR Consulting

Cushion consults in all areas of human resources management. We confer with clients to assist them in being compliant with applicable laws, consistent in the administration of their own policies and procedures and recommend HR best practices. Our pledge is to maximize clients’ resources and enhance the organization’s human resources expertise.

HR Audit

The purpose of the Human Resource Audit is to assess the alignment of business strategy and human resource practices. Our audit is a systematic process of examining policies, procedures, processes, systems and HR best practices for effectiveness and compliance.

Talent Management

The right people, in the right roles, at the right cost are core talent management drivers that are important to any organization. An effective talent management strategy requires an understanding of issues ranging from job profiling to talent acquisition, proper compensation and performance management. We assist with putting into practice effective processes and systems that ensure clients are in a position to attract and retain the best qualified workforce.