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The Cushion Advantage

How Can Cushion Help Me?

Our commitment is to be an effective strategic partner by helping to reduce your expenses and increase employee performance.

Cushion’s services are designed to enhance your human resource management power. Clients share our vast resources and benefit from our comprehensive human resources management knowledge and many years of consulting and practical experience. Our diverse experience, commitment to ongoing education and use of technology set us apart from others.

We Help Large and Small Businesses Everyday

Cushion’s human resource services allow your organization to maximize your most valuable asset; your human capital.

As people become one of the few sources of sustainable competitive advantage, organizations must align their human resources (HR) function with their human capital and organizational strategy to succeed.

Organizational realities are increasing the focus on HR operations:

  • Margin tightening limits spending but does not reduce the demand for performance, quality, or service
  • Organizational restructuring drives the need for integration of HR technology and operations

The Proof is in the Numbers

Providing more effective HR services to employees improves their attitudes and behaviors.

The resulting increases in motivation, productivity and retention contribute indirectly but materially to higher organizational performance. Historically, these indirect links are harder to measure, but Cushion’s tools and methodology makes it possible. We believe human resources service excellence can deliver measurable value to organizations both directly and indirectly.

Aren’t Free White Papers Great?

Our White Papers are designed to provide useful information to our clients and website visitors.

They introduce the reader to human resources concepts, trends, variations and best practices. Cushion’s objective is to research and provide our visitors the latest and most cutting edge information available.